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I will dance with my stripper style experience rolling my big butt and boobs even while naked all to satisfy you. My sexy body will play on you and you can be sure to explode into realms of explosive fantasies. My sensual and erotic touches will go on to give you the ultimate massage that will set your body on ecstasy and pleasure. It reason like this that I believe I am of the the supreme Las Vegas escorts. Our Las Vegas massage techniques are the best forms of massage any man should have as it delivers therapeutic and sensual healings to the spirit, body and soul. Dont miss out!

Hello there gentlemen. Have you come looking for an elite and classy Las Vegas escort experience? There is no need to look any further. You have come to the right place for classy fun and satisfaction. My name is Connie and that is a name you will always associate with pleasure. I take pride in being able to please a variety of gentlemen. I am one of the only escorts in Las Vegas who can fit in with distinguished gentlemen and wild party guys alike. I am one of those women who men love to be around. That’s okay with me because I love to be with you too. I want to show you the best of what Las Vegas has to offer. I want to show you the best of myself as well. I work hard at being the best. I want you to look at me and know that you chose a quality Las Vegas escort. You work hard and you deserve to treat yourself to a high class Las Vegas escort. I can be with you tonight if you call me at 702-478-2003. I’m available 24/7, but you better call before someone else does.

My road to being a Las Vegas escort started when I danced at Spearmint Rhino. I got the taste for teasing and pleasing high class men. This is where my stripping and lap dancing skills became mind blowing. I would not be satisfied until I made my clients have accidents in their pants. I would also put on a stage show that got a lot of attention. I got very good at my dance routine and I ended up working at the Pussycat Doll Lounge. I was working there when I decided to become a Las Vegas escort. I love being an exotic dancer, but being a Las Vegas escort is so much more fun. I get to focus all of my attention on you. You will see just how important that is to your Las Vegas escort experience. I will have all night to make you happy that you chose me to be your Las Vegas escort. There will not be one moment of the night that you aren’t extremely happy. My background as a stripper and dancer will prove to be very pleasurable for you. That’s how my body got so tone and able to move so well.

Do I sound like your type of Las Vegas escort? Call me now and I will be more than just your type. I will be the girl you have always dreamed would be by your side. For one magical night in Vegas, all your fantasies will be realized. I am the most satisfying and dedicated escort in Las Vegas. You deserve the best when you come to Vegas and I do my absolute best to provide it. I love the fact that you are considering calling me to be your escort in Las Vegas. Are you looking at my pictures? Look at how supple my tits are. I want to put them in your face. You have to see them up close to get a sense of their true beauty. My tits are one of the best parts of me. My nipples are very sensitive and perky. You will see how much that will work to your advantage, but only if you call 702-478-2003. I will show up at your hotel room looking more beautiful than my pictures. Then I will proceed to show you a night in Vegas more amazing than you thought was possible.

A fun night in Vegas can mean a lot of things. We will have plenty of fun in your room, but you won’t want to miss a night on the town with me. No other Las Vegas escort knows the Vegas nightlife like I do. Most of them specialize in one type of club, but I love them all. As a Las Vegas escort, I make it a point to learn about every new club that pops up. I love The Bank at the Bellagio. This is one of classiest and most desirable nightclubs in Las Vegas. LAX at the Luxor is a nice place as well. Some other great clubs we could visit are Pure, Haze, Hyde, Light at Mandalay Bay, Surrender Drai’s and so much more. There are too many great spots to mention. My point is that I am prepared to be your ultimate Las Vegas escort. Let me know what your preferences are and I will escort you to your new favorite places. We can gamble, go see a show, have drinks at a bar, dance or whatever you like to do in Las Vegas. I am there to guide you to your ultimate sexy Vegas vacation.

The highlight of our time together in Vegas will arrive when we walk into your room. I will have you all to myself where I can show you all of my Las Vegas escort skills. By this time, I will have a pretty good idea of what makes you happy. I might have some Las Vegas escort services reserved just for you. I will show you all my dance moves in an amazing strip dance. Each move I show you, I will remove my clothes. I will follow that with one of my famous lap dances. After that, we can improvise with all types of custom escort services. I give an amazing nude massage that will melt away all your stress. You will be simultaneously turned on and relaxed. I could also invite one of my Las Vegas escort friends to give you a mind blowing lesbian show. I can also bring a bag of toys and have an orgasm right in front of you. These are just a few of my high quality Las Vegas escort services. Believe me; you will have many to choose from. I have made sure to perfect a great many skills that make me shine when you get me alone.

Don’t hesitate any longer. Treat yourself to an amazing Las Vegas escort experience and pick up the phone. You will not regret calling. I am sure that you will be ecstatic with every minute of our Las Vegas escort date. I am also sure to be one of the hottest and most accommodating women you have ever come in contact with. You can only find out so much by reading my profile. You need to experience my charm and beauty in person. I do my best to be better than you expected in every aspect. Las Vegas escorts do not get any better than me. I am high class, but naughty. I have a beautiful face and I don’t have to wear a lot of make-up. You won’t find a fresher Las Vegas escort with the experience that I have. I started young and I became one of the best Las Vegas escorts in a short period of time. I think I make such a great Las Vegas escort because I love doing it. Call me at 702-478-2003 and I will be eager to show you why I am so good.

I can give you a variety of services. From plain escort services to taking you to a whole new world through my amazing erotic massage. Let me help you unwind and make you give in with the warmth and sexiness of every touch that I make. If you want to experience the night with another girl then just tell me and I can easily call a friend from Manhattan strippers and give you the experience that you would not forget for the rest of your life.

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