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For someone who is looking for more than strippers in Vegas but instead wants to have a blast with Las Vegas escorts, I am the girl for them. It doesn't matter what someone is looking for, I am able to do it for them. If they want a nice girl that can go with them to business meetings and dinners, I can be that girl. If someone wants to get a bit naughty back at the hotel room, well I can be that girl too. I can even travel! I actually just came back from visiting the Miami Beach companions out there and they taught me a few things you should see. Really, whatever kind of Las Vegas escort someone is looking for, I can be that girl.

I am a traveling girl and one of the best escorts in Las Vegas and I actually started this job -working with the amazing Los Angeles escorts industry. Sin City is a great place to be and all though the girls at Los Angeles taught me a lot, Vegas has truly become my home and I know it like the back of my hand. With this background, I will delight and excite your world as your Las Vegas escort. I will mix into any circumstance and event and it doesn't make a difference on the off chance that it is a meeting to the white house or a date with the president. My poise and style is the thing that everybody cherishes about me in light of the fact that I can examine issues with clarity of insight and comprehension.

Hello. My name is Connie. I am a high class, professional and discreet Las Vegas escort. My dark brown hair and perfect tits have made me popular with the guys. My attitude and work ethic has made me popular with my Las Vegas escort clients. I work hard every day to be the elite of Las Vegas escorts. I am constantly honing my skills and thinking of ways to satisfy you. If you choose me to be your Las Vegas escort, you will see that I have done my research. I have a sixth sense for your pleasure and I am always working to top myself. I try to make each Las Vegas escort experience better than the last. I am constantly evolving as a Las Vegas escort and I want to be yours. If you have a trip to Vegas planned, don’t think about spending it without me. If you want a hot girl to accompany you; there is no one who will treat you better than I will. Pick up the phone and dial 702-478-2003 so I can find out what I can do for you. Your Las Vegas escort experience is catered to fit your tastes. I can’t wait to get started.

I’ll tell you a little bit about my background to show you what kind of Las Vegas escort I am. I have an extensive background as a dancer. I was a stripper at Spearmint Rhino, but I have always been more of a dancer. I love to put on a show and show off my body. I got my body nice and tone when I danced at Spearmint Rhino. I took my dancing and sexy performing to another level when I worked at the Pussycat Doll Lounge. I danced with some amazing girls and they showed me some extremely sexy moves. I still use some of those moves today as a Las Vegas escort. I have always had nice curves and luscious tits, but dancing really tightened up my body. My body is built for pleasure and I have done everything to maintain it at its top form. Being a Las Vegas escort has been much more satisfying for me. I can concentrate more on one guy at a time. I love to perform, but my best comes out when I am intimate with you. I will perform for you personally and show you an astounding night of sexy fun and bliss.

Let me give you an example of some of the sexy fun we will have. First of all, I’ll just let you know that I have very sensitive nipples. That is relevant to my story. You’ll see. That being said; let’s skip to our intimate time in your room. All of my clothes have dropped to the floor and I sit on top of you. I start moving around on top of you to the rhythm of the music. I slide my nude body up your chest and put my tits in your face. I start moving around and my erect nipple brushes up against your mouth. My body stiffens a little and my thighs squeeze you. I feel your breath on my tits and I start to gyrate. I start feeling a charge pulsating through my body. I start to sweat and my mouth opens. My bottom lip is quivering. If you want me to keep the story going, you’ll have to call me at 702-478-2003. If you call me to spend time with you on your next trip to Las Vegas; you will be the main character. It’s a story you will tell your friends for years to come.

We have the whole night to enjoy time alone. You might want to take advantage of my extensive knowledge of the city. I’ll show you a side of Vegas that you have only seen in The Hangover. I know some amazing night clubs and bars that live up to the decadent and lavish lifestyle that Vegas is famous for. A new club that is sure to be the new gold standard of Las Vegas is the XS Nightclub at the Encore. This place is the epitome of style and class just like me. If you like the exclusive VIP clubs, I have access to the most exclusive clubs in the city. If you like the little dives or the wild dance clubs, I’m a great Las Vegas escort for you as well. My knowledge of the city runs the gamut. No matter what type of guy you are, I can show you a custom night that fits your sensibilities perfectly. After we have visited some amazing party spots, we can retire to your room. Keep in mind that you control our Las Vegas escort date. We go out as long as you like. We will spend as much time in your room as you like as well.

The time in your room is sure to be your most cherished part of the night. You will get to see all of me in the privacy of your room. You will not just get to see all of me. You will get to experience all my most impressive Las Vegas escort skills. Which would you prefer? Would you like me to use some erotic toys while you watch? How about some role playing? Maybe I could be your naughty cheerleader or the shy girl next door. It is obvious that I give an amazing lap dance and striptease. I could sit here and write about all my Las Vegas escort skills all day. You won’t know how amazing they are until you experience them yourself. Don’t’ wait any longer to spend the night with a beautiful, classy and eager Las Vegas escort. I am one of the very best in the business and I want to be the best for you. You deserve the most impressive and breathtaking escort in Las Vegas. I want to be everything you have ever wanted in an escort. Nothing brings me more satisfaction than being your girl for the night.

A choice to call me is a choice to make your erotic fantasies come true in one amazing night. If one night isn’t enough for you, I’ll be more than happy to spend the weekend with you. I am available for multiple days. Ask about it when you call and we will see what we can work out. I’m sure any amount of time with me as your Las Vegas escort won’t be enough. I provide a Las Vegas escort experience that gives you the most awe inspiring night in Vegas you have ever had. I also provide you with escort services that bring consistent satisfaction. You can’t find a better escort in Las Vegas or anywhere else. I’m sure there are other great Las Vegas escorts out there, but you already found me. You might find a Las Vegas escort who is as hot as me, but she won’t have my skills and expertise. It’s rare to get beauty like this with my strong work ethic. Call me now and you will have me all to yourself. I want to be your definition of the best escort in Las Vegas. Here’s my number. 702-478-2003.

Contact me: 702-478-2003
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