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Hello Gentlemen. I am Connie. Welcome to my site. If you call me to be your Las Vegas escorts girl I will say welcome to your fantasy. I am the ultimate dream girl and I can be all yours. I want to be the object of your affection the next time you come to Las Vegas. I am the epitome of class and style. I will also be your ultimate idea of sexiness.

I provide a VIP Las Vegas escort experience that is second to none. I love gentlemen who know what they like and know what they want out of life. One look at me in person and I will be the only one you want. You will never enjoy Vegas the way you will with me as your Las Vegas escort. If you demand the best, I provide it in every way. I want you to know that you called the elite of Las Vegas escorts.

From my knowledge of the nightlife to my skills in the bedroom; I will amaze you. I want to give you the superb night in Las Vegas that you deserve. You deserve a high class Las Vegas escort that puts your needs first. That is exactly what I will do. You could never hope to have an experience with a Las Vegas escort that comes close to your time with me. Call me at 702-478-2003 and find out for yourself.

What Must It Be Like to Spend the Night with Me?

Are you thinking of what it’s like to be alone with me? Please feel free to let your imagination run wild. Think about what turns you on the most and I will make it come true. One of my Las Vegas escort specialties is role playing. I have many outfits that transform me into someone else and I love it. If I am your Las Vegas escort, who I transform into is up to you.

What do you think about spending the night with a hot student? I like to dress up like a college girl with a backpack, sneakers, socks, short shorts and a thin, tight t-shirt. I pretend that I wander into your room during a college trip. I act shy at first, but I am clearly attracted to you. You invite me into your room to sit on your bed and have drinks.

You flirt with me and I respond by laughing at your jokes and moving closer to you. Your hand brushes against my soft leg and I get excited. I tell you that I just shaved my legs and you can touch them more if you want. This is when I really get caught up in the fantasy. You won’t be able to experience this unless you call me at 702-478-2003 to be your Las Vegas escort.

An Escort with a Background in Satisfying Demanding Men

I gained a lot of experience that makes me a great Las Vegas escort. It seems like everything I have done in Vegas has led up to me becoming a high quality escort. I used to be an exotic dancer at Spearmint Rhino which is one of the top strip clubs in Los Angeles. I only danced in the most high end clubs. It wasn’t long before I was discovered by a club owner.

I worked at the Pussycat Dolls Lounge for a while and I had a blast. I liked the performance aspect of it and the high class gentlemen who became fans of mine. One of those gentlemen suggested that I become a Las Vegas escort. I told him I was looking for something a little more high class. He let me know that there are some very classy Las Vegas escorts. I took his advice and it was the best decision I have ever made.

It turns out that being a Las Vegas escort is perfect for a high class girl like me. Many of my clients are sophisticated gentlemen who demand only the best of everything. They have told me many times that I am the best escort in Las Vegas. I am the perfect mix of class and naughtiness. I can shine as your arm candy or be your dirty girl that needs a spanking.

Style and Experience Is What You Should Expect From a Las Vegas Escort

Since I decided to be a Las Vegas escort, I just get better and better. I have become an expert at adapting to any situation. I used to feel most comfortable in an evening dress at a VIP night club. Now I have broadened my horizons. Sometimes I enjoy having a gumdrop martini and gambling. Sometimes I even go catch a buzz at a country bar. Whatever it is that makes you happy, I will be right there with you enjoying it.

I have also developed my sense of what your tastes are. That is a valuable sense to have as a Las Vegas escort. I could talk to you for five minutes and I will know what you want out of a Las Vegas escort. I pay attention to what makes you unique. I give you the respect you deserve and the pleasure you seek. Ask me about my service that I offer called the Girlfriend Experience.

The Girlfriend Experience is basically like a night of role playing. I play the role of your girlfriend and I do a damn good job of it. You have never had a girlfriend as hot as me who is willing to do what I am to satisfy you. You are my number one priority, but not unless you pick up the phone. I can be the girlfriend of your dreams and all you have to do is call 702-478-2003.

Choose an Escort Who Knows Las Vegas

How do you like to have a good time in Las Vegas? No matter what your answer is; I am the best Las Vegas escort you can choose. As you might have guessed; I know every exclusive VIP club in Las Vegas. I tend to attract successful gentlemen so I am used to the most exclusive club experiences. I also attract rocker guys so I can show you the most amazing rock clubs in Las Vegas.

You have not lived until you experience the pool clubs. They are seasonal, but one of the most unique Vegas club experiences around. There are many clubs of every kind that are hopping every single night. Some great, interesting Vegas clubs are the Chateau, Hyde Bellagio, Body English and especially the VooDoo Rooftop Nightclub. This just scratches the surface of Las Vegas hotspots. The variety of clubs I am familiar with will astound you.

I would love to be the one to show you the Vegas you always wanted to see. Every place we go to will be enhanced by having me as your Las Vegas escort. I am there for you and I never lose focus of your happiness. I adapt to the places that you enjoy the most and make the entire experience better for you. I want you to be sure that you chose the best Las Vegas escort.

A Variety of Quality In-room Escort Services

The only thing that matches the variety of Vegas nightlife is the variety of my in-room Las Vegas escort services. I already mentioned my role playing prowess. What I didn’t mention was my striptease. I put on some sexy lingerie. I give you a burlesque type show that will make you want to do a back flip. My sensual striptease will tease you to the point of explosion. That explosion is sure to happen when I sit on our lap.

One of the most titillating Las Vegas escort services I offer is toy play. I have some very interesting toys that I can’t wait to slide inside while you watch. When you see me have a full body orgasm, you may think that it doesn’t get any better. When I am your Las Vegas escort, it only gets better from there. Watching me is one thing. Having my body pressed against yours is a whole other level of pleasure.

I frequently visit the escorts in Miami and Fort Lauderdale so you know I keep up on my beach body all year round. I can handle your most specific pleasures. I want to be your toy to play with for the entire night. I will show you all my best Las Vegas escort services. When I find your favorite, I will repeat it as many times as you like. With my extensive list of Las Vegas escort services; I know there are more than a few you will want repeated.

Call Me Now for a Night in Vegas You Will Never Forget

After reading my profile; I hope you can’t deny that I am the hottest Las Vegas escort. I’m hot enough to satisfy your most particular tastes. I have a body that I work on constantly to be soft and tight for you. I have a personality that will brighten your day and enhance your fun. I have the knowledge and experience to show you the best possible night in Las Vegas.

What more could you want from a Las Vegas escort? I do my best to give you everything you need to leave Las Vegas fully satisfied. I never want you to forget about our night together. I am the most memorable Las Vegas escort you can find. Call me at 702-478-2003 and I will give you everything you ever wanted from a hot girl. There is no other escort who can please you like I can.

And By the way: Our Family of Escorts San Francisco Style Will Take You Where You Want to Go! I love our girls from the Bay Area!

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